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Ties to Yesterday
14th-Oct-2007 12:36 am - Vacationing in Spain
Orli Cute
Well, after slaving away at the racetrack for months on end, I'm finally able to enjoy some time off! This time tomorrow I'll be 6 1/2 hours into my flight to Spain. My father's off on a photography trip (he's a professional photographer) and I'm lucky enough to tag along for the first time. I'll be spending 2 weeks exploring the southern half of Spain. I've never been to Europe before (deprived, I know) so I'm extremely excited.

I'll be home on the 28th, but only for a short stay. On Nov 5th I'm back on an airplane, bound of Cuba!

Needless to say, I'll be MIA for a while, but I promise to drop you a line if ever I have the chance.

8th-Oct-2007 11:55 pm - Selfish people
Dirty Pretty Things
This makes me very upset.

For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, last_glances (formerly faces_fit) was a comm where people would selflessly distribute mass quantities of photographs of celebs. To make a long story short: recently, a handful of people began to steal the images posted at that community and repost them elsewhere while claiming all of the credit.

And now the comm is closed to the hundreds of people who didn't steal, lie, or cheat just because a couple of bitches couldn't abide by the rules.

Dear selfish bitches, fuck off, I hope you rot.
8th-Oct-2007 11:27 pm - Viggo Award
Won't Stop

OT : I love wine! Whee!
28th-Sep-2007 06:58 am - Woohoo!
Ride now for Glory
I'm done working with the horses for the year! I rode my last psychotic thoroughbred yesterday, and now I don't have to get on anything until January 14h. That's 3 1/2 months of relative peace, where I don't have to risk breaking my neck a dozen times a day.

Interesting tidbit of information : I heard on the radio the other day that studies concluded that horseback riding is more dangerous then driving a motorbike. Equestrians receive more serious, sometimes fatal accidents that cyclists. (I actually heard this while going into work, and I laughed hysterically.)

Ah, well, I'm off to Spain on the 14th to toodle around with my father as he travels across the country doing photography, and then hopefully I'll spend a week somewhere in the Caribbean before I completely deplete my bank account and I need to find a part time job for the holidays.

YES! I'm done!
7th-Sep-2007 12:05 pm - My first manipulation attempts
Vig Dangerous
In my absence, I haven't been completely idle. I've been playing around and having far too much fun with Photoshop, and decided to try my hand at creating sexy photo manipulations. These are by no means finished products and I'll probably continue to dabble with them for a while, so constructive criticism is more then welcome.

Neither of these images are work safe

10th-Jul-2007 10:17 pm - Dear messy 65 year old woman
Hidalgo 2
I really, really can't keep living in your mess, and I'm getting pretty pissed off about it. Yes, I'm very thankful that you gave me a room to stay when my apartment fell through at the last minute, but for $500 a month I don't think I'm being unreasonable to expect a decent place to live.

Actually, it's not your whole house that's the problem. I've actually gotten over my fear of large spiders thanks to the infestation in your basement, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tackle that one later. The major problem is your kitchen. I have my own bathroom so I don't have to face all your underwear covering every inch of counter space in the main bathroom, and I like to hide in the basement where you rarely venture to watch tv, so that's cool too. The problem is the kitchen.

Messes happen. I understand that. I drop dirty coffee filters too on occasion, but I don't just leave the wet coffee grinds on the floor for two days (and counting). It's also unacceptable that there is absolutely NO counter space that isn't already occupied by your dirty dishes, old food, and dirty laundry (yes, laundry). Since I moved in 19 days ago, I've braved the kitchen only a handful of times, and I can't afford to keep eating out. Besides, even if I wanted to bring groceries into the house, there's no where to put them. There are utensils stuck to the counter tops and the I can't even get the scissors to open they're so caked with old food. I know that you don't bother taking your shoes off when you come into the kitchen, which would explain the large amount of mud everywhere.

And, while I have actually progressed to the point where I've named the residential spider in my closet Gaspar because I'm too frightened to poke my head in and try to find him to squish him, I really think that you need to tackle that problem, too.

I wish that you'd just come home or pick up your cell phone so I could just tell you I'm moving out on Thursday because I'm too nice a person to just pack up and leave.
10th-Jul-2007 10:13 pm - I'm back!
Vig Dangerous
Gah! It's been so long since I've updated my lj. I've been trying to keep up to date on my flist, but it's been forever since I've actually posted everything. I'm trying to make icons again and I'm nursing a couple of fic ideas, so hopefully I'll be fully active again before long.
27th-May-2007 07:33 am - To whom it may concern
I've decided to write out little rants and random ramblings in the form of letters, addressed to some of the things in my life.

Dear trainer roomieCollapse )
Dear Stampede ParkCollapse )
Dear person passed out on my couchCollapse )
Dear The SimsCollapse )
Dear weatherCollapse )
22nd-May-2007 07:05 pm - Of sneaky trainers and runaway horses
Hidalgo 1
The other day I showed up at Bruce's barn and noticed that one of my fillies, Ready, was supposed to work a half mile that morning. 'Working' is different then galloping, because galloping simply entails running around the track at a nice, easy controlled speed and conditioning the horse. Working is running the horse a set distance and timing it to see how fast it goes, usually to qualify for upcoming races.

This late in the year I don't usually work my own horses, the jockeys do. So, normally, I assumed that I wasn't riding Ready that day.

Me : So, Bruce, no Ready today?
Bruce : No, I think that you can take her.
Me : Cool! So you want me to work her?
Bruce : Nope. We just 'forgot' to give her tranquilizer this morning, and she might just 'happen' to run off at the half mile pole.
Me : Cool. *grin*

Trainers aren't allowed to work horses more then a quarter mile without getting someone to clock them, because any works over a quarter mile need to be displayed to the public. Ready has a history of running off with me (which is why she gets a mild does of tranquilizer in the morning before I ride her).

I had no problem getting her to the pole, she was actually very well behaved. In fact, it was a shame to rattle her up when she was going so good for once. I usually gallop her on the outside fence (because they get to work on the inside fence), so as the pole approached I let her drift down a bit, and right before the pole I quietly chirped to her.

Of course, of course, Ready bolted on me, and after a couple of strides I made a big show of trying to pull her up. I was actually pulling, but there's no way I can stop this horse once she bolts on me, so once we got rolling I stopped actually pulling and just made it look like I was. The outrider, whose job it is to pick up the runoffs and loose horses, didn't see us starting out, so he couldn't get his horse set to pull us up right away.

It was fun. I let Ready coast along down the lane and was able to pull her up myself after we crossed the finish line. She was pretty proud of herself and danced the entire way home. When Bruce caught up with us I asked him if it looked okay.

'Yep,' he said, 'except for the big grin on your face as you went flying by.'

14th-May-2007 10:10 pm - 300 - PG Version
Not Normal
Alright, I realize that this probably isn't really that funny and that I've just gone too long without food, but I nearly peed myself watching this.

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